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  1. DarkGSSJBeast 18h 28m ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    Oh cool, I just finished season 2 of psycho pass. But I liked the 1st one more.
    Oh sorry I didn't know. ^^;

    Ahh I just watched the first, because I heard the second was kind of weaker..
    To be honest I was hyped for this series, but I didn't really enjoy it as I thought I would..
    Have you watched Zootopia? ^^
    PS: Sorries for the late reply

  2. DarkGSSJBeast 1d 15h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    okies :)
    I am so glad you came :D
    So what anime have you been watching lately?
    Are you still in the army?

    I am glad to see u here as well :3 *pats your head*
    I watched Boku No Hero Academia recently and finished Psycho Pass after being watching it slow for long time..
    Hmm I am sure there were others as well, but my mind is kinda blocked at the moment so I can't recall -_-'
    No I finished my time in army many years ago lol (2011-2012) D:

  3. DarkGSSJBeast 1d 15h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    Is everything alright? :o
    I wasn't that active, I came on and off, but its been a couple of weeks that I am coming here regularly.
    I am sorry for not replying because I thought you were inactive. >.>

    Yeh I am fine don't worry Som-chan :3
    I was coming on and off as well, downloading wallies and stuff or seeing who was online..
    I started watching anime these late weeks so i thought to pass by MT

  4. DarkGSSJBeast 1d 16h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    Not really. I love it when old members come back :D
    I am good :D
    How are you? How's life treating you?

    Glad to hear your are doing good and I am fine I think.. At least for today xD
    Its pretty sweet that your are still active here as in the old times.
    I think I did leave you a message here some years ago but you never replied so I thought you weren't as active

  5. DarkGSSJBeast 2d 8h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip Look Who's here! :D

    Ehh hii! I thought I was forgotten already here D:
    It certainly being a long time though so it would be normal...
    How are you doing Miss? :3

  6. TheCompiler 3d 7h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip

    Quote by TheCompilerNp

    I came back you weren't here, then I started watching movie >.>

    hi I'm here

  7. TheCompiler 3d 12h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip Back. Sorry took long.


  8. TheCompiler 4d 14h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip Good afternoon!
    Have a nice day :)

    hello! Same to you ^^

  9. TheCompiler 4d 17h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip

    Quote by TheCompiler

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    I am sorry about that.
    Well done compii. :D

    Today is a horrible day

    Why?!?! WHat happened? D:

    ha just work..

  10. TheCompiler 5d 9h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip
    I am sorry about that.
    Well done compii. :D

    Today is a horrible day

  11. TheCompiler 6d 19h ago

    Tuliuipiohj a aaah
    I dradted the pm over two days and then finally clicked send
    And the internet was off
    And the pm is gone
    All gone
    See this is why a chat is better
    This is horrible
    Summary of what I was going to type
    No it's not just about perspective. The book is enjoyable because we can read it with a 21st century perspective which has more mature thoughts than 17th century and yet chooses to restate the same words, but the meaning is not that of the earlier and nor of the 21st century correction, but a new meaning of the author's own.
    You'll think then is it possible read just any book without really having anyone to actually go through all the troubles menard went through in writing the book? The answer this question 'is it possible to read it in this perspective' requires as much efforts as menard took. With all the references mentioned in point two, which point out to possibility of "logically constructing'' stuff that otherwise seems just random, Menanrd thought that Don Quixote could be logically written by menard, he just worked through drafts and drafts till he found the correct perspective to read, and hence to write it. And the fact that menard could write two chapters would assure the Quixote's readers that it is indeed possible to read the book in a 20th century perspective.

    The reply was way bigger but this is really all that I said there

  12. TheCompiler 6d 20h ago

    Quote by kuchukuTulip

    Quote by TheCompiler https://m.reddit.com/r/pbsideachannel/comments/4zdvd3/ic_bookclub_pierre_menard_author_of_the_quixote/

    You did not post anything! :o

    No I didn't comment there. I'll try today if I feel like.
    I'm still typing your reply
    I don't wanna go to work today :(